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Media Planning & Buying

We perform all media buys in-house.

The strength of a media buy can be measured by the strength of a media plan.  If the plan is flawed, your message won’t reach is full delivery potential, resulting in wasted dollars and wasted time.

We thoroughly research your target audience to plan the most effective traditional or new media campaign. With our unique knowledge of the media rate structure, CCG is positioned to get the best possible value for our clients. 

Our clients have come to expect great rates, quality and value based media scheduling, and precise customer targeting.  After the schedule has ended, we perform a comprehensive media audit to make sure our clients get what they paid for. 

Our media audit includes:

  • Posting rating points to ensure that you have received all of the rating points purchased,
  • Matching invoices to each media order to make sure what was ordered was exactly what was received.
  • Proof of performance in the form of affidavits from TV, radio, and cable stations, tear sheets from newspaper, copies from magazines, pictures of posted billboards, and digital campaigns.
  • Analysis of copy.  This verifies that the intended commercial or creative scheduled to run actually did run during the correct dates and times as ordered.

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